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Cisco wap4410n validating identity

When going through the process of setting up the Radius Client I need to provide an IP Address.Most (because I have not seen every single tutorial or help file) of the tutorials links this to a Cisco interface, but I do not and I am a bit stuck for what to put in there. (For wired networks, the switch serves as the RADIUS client.) Network Policy Server functions as a RADIUS server in Windows. If the user is authenticated (their username and password match) and authorized (they're allowed to be talking to the network at all) then the RADIUS client also sends accounting information (when they logged in and for how long).The friendly name is simply what'll show up in the IAS management console.The client-vendor attribute is best set at RADIUS Standard unless your access point are one of the relatively few vendors in the list. This is required for the authentication piece which we will come back to in the Policies later. This secret is used by the Radius server and the client, which is the WAP(s) and not by the actual wireless clients, so it's transmitted on the wired network only.I also require that every device much be identifiable to which user it belongs, which rules out an WPA2-PSK network (? The network equipment we are running are I'm aware that the hardware we have is not necessarily the best for the setup, but it is what we've got and we cannot afford a licence for a controller-based setup.How can i securely and convieniently allow users to connect devices with lesser security?

%ASA-7-725011: Cipher[1] : AES128-SHA %ASA-7-725011: Cipher[2] : DHE-RSA-AES128-SHA %ASA-7-725011: Cipher[3] : DHE-DSS-AES128-SHA %ASA-7-725011: Cipher[4] : RC4-SHA %ASA-7-725011: Cipher[5] : DES-CBC3-SHA %ASA-7-725011: Cipher[6] : EDH-RSA-DES-CBC3-SHA %ASA-7-725011: Cipher[7] : EDH-DSS-DES-CBC3-SHA %ASA-7-725011: Cipher[8] : RC4-MD5 %ASA-7-725012: Device chooses cipher : RC4-SHA for the SSL session with client outside: X.

Build queries in advance to pull these out, so you can look up the information, if needed (for example, if a device in the unauthenticated SSID does something inappropriate) ; this could be as simple as GREP commands for log entries in a flat text-file.

Still put a captive portal that forces them to agree to terms-of-use (to get rid of the "I didn't know" defense).

I work as a system administrator managing the internet of a dorm.

We are running a wireless network with WPA2 Enterprise authentication.

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Provide unauthenticated devices a separate SSID, with instructions that it is for limited personal use, and carries fewer guarantees.